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Mister Max Bacterial Products dramatically speed the natural process of organic waste removal for technical reasons too numerous and complex for discussion here, but its most central and unique characteristic should be mentioned; the Mister Max bacillus.

Specially Bred, cultivated and grown specifically for this single product, the Bacillus Subtilus is unique in that its cell wall is surrounded with a "slime layer" or coating. This protective coat allows the bacteria to survive and multiply, even after the treated areas become dry (relative to the air). In addition, the coat thermally protects the microbe in a range of (minus) -10 degrees to about 240 degrees F. Sluggish at cooler temperatures, it survives a premature death in order to complete the job when it warms. The coating helps protect the cell from previously applied disinfectants, or medicinal antibiotics that may have been released with the urine. These and other harsh conditions as found in carpeting are certain death for any unprotected Bacillus Subtilus.

Shelf-life recommended is three years, although we have had occasion to use solutions about five years old with no apparent loss of potency.

While protected from extreme conditions, is ideally suited to wetness, warm room temperatures and a good deposit of urine, but its advanced, high-tech microbes survive and multiply under conditions where others cannot :

It lives through wide ranging temperatures, dryness, even residual antibiotics or previously applied disinfectants as well as other inhibitors. These features are unique to the bacterium.

A thimbleful of contains, initially, some 50 million of these unique spores.

Activated by its food source, voracious, specially engineered bacteria double in numbers within minutes, exponentially doubling again then again and again, each and every half-hour, completely taking over the worst stale urine deposit within just a few days. Among its other features this unique bacteria converts the wastes directly into carbon dioxide, a safe odorless gas found in everyday clean air.

Other important additives, its nutrients, selective free enzymes, stabilizers and other components are designed to promote and enhance bacterial activity. You're initial treatment may produce increased odors when contamination is severe and full of naturally occurring bacteria. Our Dominant, rapidly multiplying bacteria increasingly produces odorless carbon dioxide rather than obnoxious odors. After two to five days the foul odor will diminish rapidly and its work for you will soon be complete. Its food source gone, the Anti-Icky-Poo bacteria retire, vanishing without a trace.

Mister Max is principally used to eradicate urine. Urine contamination is a common and stubborn problem that cannot be resolved with conventional cleaning methods. Pet urination can result in significant damage. Contaminants, combined with relentless bacterial activity, tend to decompose any material. Over a period of time your fabrics will become irreversibly stained and other materials permanently damaged. In the most severe cases a structure may become contaminated, as well - even inside the walls.

In the event your damaged carpet and pad are replaced with new, it is probable the hard floor beneath is seriously affected. Anti-icky-poo can solve this problem, too. The floor should be treated before carpeting is replaced. It is always a good idea to inspect the walls for contamination, especially in the case of cats.

The best solution to your odor problem is to have Mister Max Anti Icky Poo friendly microbes quickly eat the source of odor out of there for you. The sooner you can get AIP on the job, the better. Odor cannot emanate from a source that is gone, and other less friendly bacteria cannot grow without its food.

More good news: Mister Max AIP effectiveness is not limited to urine. In fact, any type of organic substance in a state of decay will do these special little guys just fine. Try it! Anti-Icky-Poo loves any and all that icky stuff!

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