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..... Use Anti Icky Poo Carpet Injector and Black Lights.
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Anti Icky Poo Accessories / Carpet Injector / Black Light

Anti Icky Poo Carpet Injector
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Use the Anti Icky Poo Carpet Injector to inject Anti Icky Poo deep into carpet, carpet padding, pillows, upholstered cushions, mattresses, car seats, cracks in floors, behind baseboards and other applications where injecting would assist in applying Anti Icky Poo directly to the odors source. Inject directly into urine, feces, vomit, waste and decay soiled infected areas.
Price: $9.95
18 Inch Blacklight Urine Detector
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THIS BLACKLIGHT IS PERFECT FOR FINDING BACTERIA THAT CAUSES THE ODORS IN HUMAN AND PET URINE!This light will light up a whole room, unlike the battery operated handheld small blacklight that you have to get on your hands and knee's to find the bacteria. This 18 inch Blacklight will light up many things in a smaller room or area. Use to light up glow in the dark, UV reactive items, or blacklight responsive items. Auto-Start U.L.- approved 15-watt bulb On / off switch Ready to go Complete with reflector. Size: 18in x 2in x 1inBulb: F15BLBPower: 120v90 day manufacturer warranty
Price: $32.95

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Anti Icky Poo Accessories