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Anti Icky Poo uses a live bacteria to destroy any organic material left behind by your pets in fabrics and carpet. Some chemical cleaning and freshening products only mask the smell, Anti Icky Poo actually eliminates the source that causes pet urine odors to come back over and over again. Anti Icky Poo is easy to use. Spray Anti Icky Poo on the contaminated surfaces and allow to dry. Carpets are best treated using the Anti Icky Poo carpet injector (full instructions are contained in the FREE treatment manual).

Anti Icky Poo has a very mild perfume and leaves no residue, just spray it on liberally and leave it to do it's job.

Anti Icky Poo eliminates odor from any decaying organic material. Clean pet stains with Anti Icky Poo. Pet urine and soiling in carpeting and other fabrics is difficult to remove, particularly cat urine. If it is allowed to dry, it becomes impossible to thoroughly clean using any conventional method. If left unchecked, a single pet urinating inappropriately can quickly turn your home into a horror story. Most proprietary cleaners just mask over the smell. You can't smell it anymore, but your pet, with it's superior sense of smell can. Even a single small accident can result in horrendous odors when proper cleaning measures are not taken. Cats and Dogs will usually urinate in locations where they smell urine, even if those smells are undetectable to your nose. Use Anti Icky Poo! Instead of masking over the smell with perfumed chemical treatments, eliminating the source material is the only way to effectively eliminate the pet odor problem. Anti Icky Poo's eco-friendly microbes quickly eat away the source of odor and stops the problem returning.

Simply pour, spray or inject Anti Icky Poo onto the contaminated area and allow to dry. It's as simple as that. The Anti Icky Poo microbes quickly eat away at any material left behind and continue to work as long as they have food.

Anti-Icky-Poo is one of the best products available to remove Pet Odor and stains from your carpet and fabric. The Advanced Kit comes with a Gallon of AIP, a Quart of AIP, a Gallon of Pre-Treatment, a Carpet Injector and a full Treatment Guide.

A.I.P. is engineered to eradicate urine.

Urine contamination is a common and stubborn problem that cannot be resolved with conventional cleaning methods. Pet urination can result in significant damage. Contaminants, combined with relentless bacterial activity, tend to decompose any material. Over a period of time your fabrics will become irreversibly stained and other materials permanently damaged. In the most severe cases a structure may become contaminated, as well - even inside the walls.

Veterinarian Type Injectors also available for walls and carpet.



The COMPLETE answer to permanent odor removal!

" Quick and Safe

" Anti Icky Poo removes odors such as urine, feces, vomit and others from carpets, upholstery, tile, cement, walls and clothes.

" Contains a special multi-strain bacterial solution that is highly resistant to disinfectants, allowing the bacteria to continue living and reproducing. This in turn enables the bacteria to continue working, consuming the source of the problem.

" Contains odor gas scavengers, which instantly neutralize airborne gasses.

Anti Icky Poo is an industrial strength formula odor removal product which is composed of specially-bred mutant strain bacteria culture that produces its own enzymes. It continues working for long periods of time, until the source of the odor is completely consumed. Unlike other enzyme products that are very sensitive to quaternary disinfectant exposure, low moisture and lowered temperatures, the bacteria in Anti Icky Poo does not easily die off.

Anti-Icky-Poo will remove cat urine, dog urine, skunk musk, vomit, feces and a whole host of other decaying organic materials. Remove cat smells, dog smells, urine smells, skunk smells and more from your carpet today with Anti-Icky-Poo.

How Does Anti-Icky-Poo Work?

Anti-Icky-Poo uses live bacteria to eliminate any organic material left behind by your pets in fabrics and carpet. Unlike some chemical cleaning products that only mask over the smell, Anti-Icky-Poo not only removes the stain, but it also eliminates the source that causes pet odors to come back over and over again.

Anti-Icky-Poo is simple to use. Simply spray Anti-Icky-Poo on contaminated surfaces and allow to dry. For carpets, inject Anti-Icky-Poo into the carpet pad using a carpet injector. Once Anti-Icky-Poo evaporates, it leaves nothing behind.

A few years ago, we rescued a male kitten. As he began to go through his 'teen years' he started marking his territory. As it was really OUR territory, we didn't agree with his display of dominance. No matter how much we tried to clean it up, the house still smelled distinctly HIS.

A friend recommended Anti-icky poo. She said that it was full of good enzymes that would break down the molecules that were giving off the smell. She also said that it would work on other body fluid stains - which was good as we were also potty training a 2 and a half year old.

We have used it for the past five years on everything that is well, icky. We run for it whenever a sick child doesn't quite make it to the bathroom before getting sick, or the last one to potty train isn't quick enough to the toilet, or when the dogs' last meal makes an unexpected appearance.

I also use it regularly when I clean the toilets. I spray it around the base of the toilet and also on the seat hinges. I let it sit a few minutes, and then go back and wipe it up. It works wonders and leaves a faintly pleasant scent. It does not remove stains, but does eliminate the odor. For carpeted areas that are repeatedly or heavily soiled, you can actually inject this product into the carpet padding for complete odor removal. It is safe to use in areas where there are small children and/or pets, - of course, you don't want them to drink the stuff!

Anti icky poo really does get rid of everything icky!

My newly adopted cat left a HUGE pee stain under my bed when he ran under there to hide and relieved his bladder. I used everything under the sun trying to get it out, many other enzyme cleaners. They made the smell worse for awhile and then it went back to before I used the cleaner. Then I tried Anti-Icky Poo out of desperation--initially turned off by the price--and it was the only thing that finally, and immediately, took away the smell. I saturated the area and let sit for awhile. I attribute it to getting all of my deposit back when I moved out. I make sure to always have some on hand just in case and use it to clean the walls around the litter box and other places where pee might be. But, it works. Promise. And by the way, we have "industrial strength" Anti Icky Poo, just for you!

Anti Icky Poo is a mix of advanced enzyme technology and "friendly" bacteria which actually eat urine proteins and gases. We have not tested any other product which works as well, and as fast. If the products you have been using are "masking" or neutralizing the smell of urine, your cat will still detect it, and return to that location. On a hot day you'll probably detect those old urine stains. This no way to live! You need a product which will remove all traces of urine and its components so that Feliway and our flower essences can be truly effective.

My daughter came over today and the first thing she said was "Mom! It no longer smells like cat pee in here!" She went into every room saying things like "Mom, what did you do? It no longer smells like a kennel!" My husband and I thought we'd have to replace thousands of dollars in carpeting, but now we do not. Thank you You are right, this stuff is THE BEST!



After spending 16 days away from home over the holidays, my house smelled almost great. My friend Diane took care of the cats and took over the Anti Icky Poo spraying for me while I was gone. No one peed anywhere but in the litter pans or on the plastic under/around the pans. So Anti Icky Poo spray are still working wonderfully well for us. We are doing unbelievably great controlling the pee and odor! I thank you for the bottom of my heart and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with Peace, Love, Good Health and Prosperity,

Judy F. in Chicago


I am back from vacation and wanted to update you. I received all my products and use them faithfully. The Anti Icky Poo is phenomenal. You are right, it is the only thing that works. I love it.

This blows all other away!! It's awesome. You have to give it a try for yourself

I have a year old puppy who had several accidents in my room. I had been religiously cleaning the carpet by hand, with the steam cleaner and I still wanted to rip out the carpet. It was frustrating. On a whim I tried Anti icky Poo, and IT WORKED, and the smell hasn't returned. Best of all my dog hasn't had one accident in my room since. There must be no traces of his urine odor even for him to sniff out.


If you have pets, then you HAVE to get this stuff. The name sounds stupid but it works wonders. Cats in particular will continue to pee or mark areas where they have gone before. Even when we cannot smell the urine, they can and they will pee there again. This stuff is an amazing cleaner, so it completely eliminates the smell. Originally we were using white vinegar (a natural and pet safe way to disinfect and clean.. and a quarter of the price of regular cleaning solutions). However, the vinegar worked only worked so well. Cats have a much stronger sense of smell and would return to pee on the same spot. Now that we have the anti icky poo (and we use Feliway afterwards to prevent future incidents) things have been so much better.

Also, as a side note, I found this stuff works great with my sparring gear as well. When training the gear gets really nasty from all the sweating and I have found that even putting it through the washing machine didn't fully eliminate the smell. Stinky sparring gear is not only nasty to wear, but it's not cool for your training partners either. Well, one day I figured I'd try the anti icky poo on my gear and it worked better than anything else I've tried in the past. They sell all sorts of expensive cleaners specifically for sparring gear and they don't work half as well (I won't name which ones I've tried). It even gets the smell of smoke out of your clothes too. Definitely worth having a bottle in the house at all times.

[Monday, October 06, 2008]

We are proud that we were the first online store to offer Anti-Icky-Poo. Why would you buy from anywhere else but the premier site for Anti-Icky-Poo?

Whether you spell it with a hyphen or without, it's still the absolute best odor eliminator on the market. There are probably more animal behaviorists and veterinarians recommending Anti-Icky-Poo than any other odor eliminator available today. At you've found the largest distributor for the product. We ship to Europe, Asia and Canadian veterinary distributors. Whether you have a cat urine odor, a dog urine odor, a human urine odor, skunk spray, diaper pale odor or any other organic odor, AIP can come to your rescue.

Get your Anti-Icky-Poo here at Shop Online here on our website for Anti-Icky-Poo, P-Bath Pre Treatment or Anti-Icky-Poo Accessories and have it conveniently delivered to your door. Our prices include ground shipping to any address in the continental United States.

Simply put, Anti-Icky-Poo is one of the best products available today to remove Pet Stains and Pet Odor from carpet and fabric. Removes stains and odor caused by Cat Urine, Dog Feces, Skunk Spray, or many others. Recommended by veterinarians, animal behaviorists, pet trainers, professional carpet cleaners, and many others, Anti-Icky-Poo is guaranteed to "get the stink out or your money back."

Anti-Icky-Poo will remove cat urine, dog urine, skunk musk, vomit, feces and a whole host of other decaying organic materials. Remove cat smells, dog smells, urine smells, skunk smells and more from your carpet today with Anti-Icky-Poo.

How Does Anti-Icky-Poo Work?

Anti-Icky-Poo uses live bacteria to eliminate any organic material left behind by your pets in fabrics and carpet. Unlike some chemical cleaning products that only mask over the smell, Anti-Icky-Poo not only removes the stain, but it also eliminates the source that causes pet odors to come back over and over again.

Anti-Icky-Poo is simple to use. Simply spray Anti-Icky-Poo on contaminated surfaces and allow to dry. For carpets, inject Anti-Icky-Poo into the carpet pad using a carpet injector. Once Anti-Icky-Poo evaporates, it leaves no odor or residue behind. We do not recommend using Anti-Icky-Poo in carpet cleaning machines. Why not? Well, for one, you are injecting water into your carpet which will float the urine crystals and moving the machine back and forth just increases the size of the area of contamination. Call us for more details on specific uses of Anti-Icky-Poo.

What Can I Use Anti-Icky-Poo On?

Anti-Icky-Poo eliminates any decaying organic material. So in addition to Pet Urine, it also works on Skunk Musk, decaying animal bodies, or any other decaying organic material. Anti-Icky-Poo will remove Pet Odors and Pet Stains from most materials such as carpet, fabric, upholstery, tile, wood floors, stainless steel or other types of flooring.

Urine soiling is compounded in pets when they use urine to mark their territory. Their exquisite sense

of smell tempts them back to the same spot. Although we may not be able to see or smell the urine

mark, our pets can and will return to that location to re-apply their own scent

Anti-Icky-Poo comes in a quart bottle with spray nozzle. Composed of bacteria and enzymes, this

product attacks and removes odors caused by urine, feces, vomit, skunk odor, and more. After you

remove excess urine with paper towels or clean rags, saturate soiled area with Anti-Icky-Poo. The spray must come in contact with all urine-soiled areas to remove odor. Remove residue using wet cloth or paper towels. Comes with detailed instructions about its use. We have difficulty smelling or seeing many urine-soiled areas within our homes which need to be cleaned to reduce our pet's inclination to re-apply urine in this area. Darken the room and turn on the Stink-Free Stink-Finder black ultraviolet light as you examine areas frequented by your pet. Urine and feces, if present, will show up in our field of light. Complete the process by treating with Anti-Icky-Poo Odor Remover.

Using a Black Light to Determine Which Cat is Spraying or Urinating outside His Litter Box

Stink Finder/Stink-Free Black

UV Light and Flashlight

In multi-cat homes, it may be difficult to determine which cat or cats are indulging in urinary house soiling. If possible, separate cats and their litter boxes to determine the culprit. If that fails, your veterinarian can give the most likely offender a fluoresce in dye by mouth or by injection. The dye is invisible when diluted with urine, but can be detected by an ultraviolet (black) light. The dye is administered to the cat in late afternoon. The next morning the area of the house frequented by the cat is darkened and surfaces are scanned under the black light for the telltale fluorescing dye. This procedure is carried out for two days. If the dye shows up in the cat's litter box instead of on unsuitable surfaces, you can declare this cat innocent and proceed to the next suspect. If the evidence shows urine marks on vertical surfaces, you have not only found the culprit, you have also determined that the behavior is spraying rather than inappropriate urination. This procedure should be reserved for the true detectives among you.

Using a Black Light for Ringworm Detection

H. Ellen Whitely, D.V.M.

Ringworm infections of the fungi Microspore canes affecting dogs and cats can spread from pets to their human caretakers. The diagnosis of ringworm involves your veterinarian examining the dog or cat, taking fungal cultures for laboratory analysis, and in some instances, examining the affected animal in a darkened room with a black light (hairs of cats infected with M. canes may fluoresce a tell-tale, yellow-green color). However, only 80 percent of M. Canes infections fluoresce, and other fungal species in animals do not. Therefore, use of the black light for ringworm diagnosis is usually considered to be a screening test only, and suspected fungal infections should be confirmed by other laboratory tests.

Anti Icky Poo is the best product available today to remove pet urine odor from carpet and fabric. Anti Icky Poo removes stains and odor caused by cat urine, dog feces, skunk spray, mold, vomit, char, in fact any odor caused by decaying organic matter including human urine odor.

Anti Icky Poo is recommended by veterinarians, animal behaviorists, pet trainers, professional carpet cleaners, cat and dog kennels, pet rescue groups and many others.

Anti Icky Poo is not only good for removing these smells from carpet but also from upholstery, wood, furniture, ceramic tiles and even concrete.



I bought this Anti Icky Poo starter kit for my brother who is having some issues at his house with the sister of one of my cats. I have been using the stuff for a while and have been having great success with it and thought he might too...I am crossing my fingers that it works for Cleo's sake! It's the best stuff that I have found so far and I have tried MANY products to get rid of cat pee. I did take a star off cause at least one of my little ones have been going back to the same spot...but it could be because I am not using the product correctly or that they are going there out of habit...I have been buying the stuff 4 gallons at a time, and just retreated the area, so only time will tell!!

We have a neutered male cat in the house that is almost feral who had starting marking by urinating near the front door. The Anti-Icky-Poo system has not only cleaned up the stench, but he doesn't seem interested in urinating in the spot anymore. This is the real thing - it works!

With 5 mini daschunds, I've tried EVERYTHING to remove urine odor and anti icky poo is the only one that works!!! Of course, it's best if you can get it on right after the "pee pee" hits the carpet.

This appears to be great stuff! I got my order when promised it was well secured and packed. Having stopped the offending behavior, I tried all the pet stain products, even bought a steam cleaner, but the odor returned. I spent the time, made the grid and injected exactly as instructed. After re-treating the surface only once, there is already no odor in the room. Great product, great vendor!

Not only was the price on this item the lowest I have yet encountered for Anti Icky Poo, the shipment arrived in record time. It was well-packed and arrived in good shape. I would order from this vendor again.

Anti Icky Poo seems to be working, we had really bad damage done buy our dog, and it has removed all the odor so far. The only problem that I had was the injector that they sent broke, but that was no big deal, I just ran to TSC and bought one for $2.00. If this product continues to work the way they say it does and the way that it has, I will continue to buy it.



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