Anti Icky Poo and What we do?

.......... An Organic and Environmentally Safe Urine, Feces Odor and Stain Removal Product..... Guaranteed odor and stain removal or your money back!!!
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ANTI ICKY POO is a bio-chemical which removes urine odor by safely consuming its source.

Multi Strain Live Bacteria Enzymes eat away the organic waste that cause urine odor, eliminating the smell forever just as nature intended.


Engineered to eradicate urine, it will digest any malodorous decay including liquid or dried fluids from urine, vomit, feces, rotten vegetables, fish, milk, skunk, smoke, diaper pails, trash cans and more. Recommended by Veterinarians, Carpet cleaners, Day Care providers, Animal behaviorists and Mothers alike.


Our GREEN and friendly solution can be used just about everywhere in your home including: kitchens, bathrooms and pet areas. Anti Icky Poo removes pet urine odor from carpets, wood floors, drapes, furniture and bed mattresses eradicating the odors created from pet urine in all areas where it may exist.



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Anti Icky Poo and What we do?