Anti Icky Poo and Why it works.

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Anti Icky Poo organic urine and waste odor and stain removal products.


Eliminate urine and feces odor and stains from animals of all kinds domestic and wild including dogs, cats, horses, rodents, birds, turtles, skunks, pigs, cows, rabbits, snakes, ferrets, hamsters, rodents, mice and mouse, possums, guinea pigs, chinchillas, donkeys, sheep, parrots, pigeons, sequels and even ducks all to just name a few.


Environmentally safe, Anti Icky Poo urine and feces odor removal keeps your family, friends and pets safely away from harsh and harmful chemicals.


Anti Icky Poo is a bio-chemical which removes feces and urine odors by safely consuming the odors source. A odor removal solution with Multi Strain Live Bacteria Enzymes which eat away the organic waste that cause urine and feces odor, eliminating the smell forever, just as nature intended.


Engineered to eradicate odors, Anti Icky Poo will digest any malodorous decay including liquid or dried fluids from urine, vomit, decay, feces, rotten vegetables, fish, milk, skunk musk and spray, smoke and even mildew.


Anti Icky Poo will also remove odor from diaper pails, trash cans, dumpsters, holding tanks, septic tanks, fish tanks, dog kennels, reptile, turtle, rabbit and pocket pet cages.


Effectiveness is not limited to pet urine odor, In fact, 95% of odors created from organic substances in a state of decay will be removed with Anti Icky Poo.



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Anti Icky Poo and Why it works.